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Holly & Westley's Canceled Fall Litter 2024

Holly has had a medical issue come up that is being looked into further. For her health I am canceling this litter & will be retiring Holly early to enjoy life as a family pet. I have 2 upcoming females that I have added to my program that will be having puppies this fall. Families are welcome to move a fully refundable deposit too the Main Litter list or can have their deposits fully refunded. Thank you for understanding, my priority is always the health of my dogs.

The pups will all be traditional tri color with medium/long soft coats. Holly is 68 & Westley is 85: I expect girls to be approximately 65-85 lbs & 75-95 lbs for boys. Both parents are extremely gentle & mellow in nature. Their previous puppies together have grown up too be gentle, affectionate & intelligent family dogs. Four have begun their training as service dogs & have shown great potential so far with their trainers. I hope to have a few puppies from this litter go into therapy & service dog homes where they can make a positive impact in their family's lives!

Puppy Socialization​

My puppies are raised using a socialization program Puppy Culture & ENS. This program uses positive training to teach pups that new experiences are fun & safe not something to fear or be anxious about. The puppies will work on: potty training, crate training, going on car rides, visiting the vet, being groomed & having their nails trimmed. I have the puppies play with kids of all ages, adults, other gentle adult dogs of various sizes & our cat.​

Puppy Health Care

The pups will be on a health care schedule supervised by my vet. Their first de-worming's are at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks & they receive their first Parvo/Distemper vaccination at 5 weeks & second vaccination at 7-8 weeks. Each pup has a microchip implanted & I pre-pay lifetime registration. They all have individual thorough vet checks before going home & you will receive a written exam report from the vet.


Puppy Reservation List:

Puppy 1. Oregon Bernese/Service dog pick

Puppy 2. Reese Timm* - Boy

Puppy 3. Leslie LaPlante* - Girl

Puppy 4. Kirah Collins* - Boy

Puppy 5. Pam Hillestad - Girl

Puppy 6. Isreeana Kropf - Girl

Puppy 7. Aly Feldman - Boy

Puppy 8.

To be added to the puppy reservation list please fill out a puppy application here:

If approved you will be given the opportunity to place a $200 deposit to reserve your pick number on the reservation list. If the puppies are born & there are not enough puppies to provide you a puppy your reservation can be fully refunded or you may transfer it too my next expected litter.


meta_eyJzcmNCdWNrZXQiOiJiemdsZmlsZXMifQ== (2).webp

Holly is a beautiful Berner girl with a gentle personality. She is 68 lbs & has a smaller but square stocky build with kind eyes & a blocky square face. She loves people & although she is patient & waits her turn for pets once she gets up on the bed or couch she will stay cuddled up for hours when I have time. She is very good with the other dogs - not dominant or pushy. Her & Westley are especially good friends & love sitting on the couch together etc. She does great with kiddos & loves meeting people. Holly isn’t much of a barker & usually watches through the window waiting for me to get through the door & give her love. 

Holly's health testing results: 

OFA Hips: Excellent 

OFA Elbow Prelims: Normal, 

OFA Cardiac: Norma

OFA Patella: Normal, 

OFA Dentition: Normal 

Pawprint Genetic Testing: 

Degenerative Myopathy SOD1A  -  Clear

Degenerative Myopathy SOD1B  -  Clear 

Von Willebrand Disease 1  - Clear

Meet Westley the father to Bernese Mountain dog pups here! His name is inspired by the valiant hero Westley in “The Princess Bride”. He is a very well-structured boy with a thick fluffy coat. Westley is a very laid-back boy especially for his age. He spends a lot of time napping on the couch with the girls but if I’m there he watches me very intently often with a curious, expressive head tilt. His favorite treat is string cheese which he very delicately nibbles from my hand Westley is 85 lb. & his health clearances are:


PennHip - DI 0.36 = Excellent score showing no predispositions to hip dysphasia.

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Cardiac - Normal

OFA Patella - Normal

OFA Dentition - Normal

Animal Genetic testing:

VwD1 - Clear 

DM SOD1B - Clear

DM SOD1A - Carries one copy out of two.*Degenerative myelopathy is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive manner in dogs meaning that they must receive two copies of the mutated gene (a copy from each parent) to develop the disease. Westley's puppies will not be affected as he is only bred to females who are 100% clear. Link to more info: Paw Print Genetics - Degenerative Myelopathy

Pricing Details

Each puppy will go home with AKC pedigree & registration papers, detailed care info for going home, full medical records, adoption contract & health guarantee. Puppies will also go home with 1 month health insurance from AKC & Trupanion.

They have had had microchips implanted before going home with you with lifetime registration I have pre-paid so that the pups will always be able to be tracked back to you if lost. Their go home boxes will have a snuggly blanket that smells like mom, probiotics, pumpkin and a small bag of their puppy food. 

Pet homes with their AKC Pedigree, a 5 year genetic guarantee & 1 year extensive hereditary health guarantee that includes hips, elbows, heart, liver, kidneys, eyes & hearing - $3400

The puppies adoption fees are for pet homes with spay/neuter contracts. If you are looking too add a pup to your ethical breeding program please message me & I would be happy to talk about it with you.

Oregon Bernese is located in Sandy/Eagle Creek Oregon but we deliver to Seattle, Tacoma, Centralia, Vancouver, Walla Walla WA, Eastern Oregon, Pendleton, The Dalles, Hood River, Hermiston, Salem, Hillsboro & other places within a 1-5 hours. I have a flight nanny who can deliver across the US.


Testimonial on Holly & Westley's past puppy Kiva:

I hadn’t planned on getting a puppy yet, but my circumstances changed and Brie at Oregon Bernese had puppies available. I was looking for a service dog prospect, and was really happy with her stance on preserving the breed’s health and temperament. The stars aligned, we temperament tested some puppies, and I brought home my puppy the end of April. He’s now 6 months old, happy and healthy, an adorable goofball, and has completed his first set of obedience classes. The trainer I’m working with thinks he has what it takes to be a great service dog, and everyone is in love with him. He’s such an amazing dog already and I’m so happy to have him in my life.

- Cj Jackson


Testimonial on Holly & Westley's past puppy Dixie:

She’s doing great! She’s in a puppy class making a lot of new puppy friends. My mom wants to train her to be an emergency response dog for emotional support she’s just so sweet!

Testimonial on Holly & Westley's past puppy George:

He’s doing great! He’s playful, eating well and learning some new tricks already. Super calm guy. We’re really enjoying him!

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