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Here at Oregon Bernese I have guardian homes which give my adult dogs their own loving families who they live with other than when they come to have their puppies here in our cozy puppy nursery. When the dog retires they stay permanently with their guardian family. This gives families who may not otherwise be able to find or afford a great quality & well trained dog a chance to welcome one into their family at no cost to them in exchange for the dog staying with the breeder once a year for 5-6 weeks to have it litter of puppies. When a dog retires, they will stay with their guardian family for life. I am so thankful to my guardian families who give such wonderful lives to the girls in my program.   

Female Guardian Home Summary

The guardian female will be entrusted free of charge to the guardian to love on, socialize & be part of their family. The breeder will cover all breeding related costs of the dog. The guardian will bring the dog to the breeder for health testing & vet appointments as needed. Once the dog is 2 years old & has had all of its health testing completed the guardian will notify the breeder when the female is in heat & she will stay with the stud for approximately 5-9 days after which she will be returned to guardian home during pregnancy. (Pregnancy lasts 2 months) until about 5 months before the due-date of 58 days to have time to settle in. After the puppies are born she will stay with the breeder until the puppies are 4-5ish weeks old at which point she will go home to her guardian. The guardian is welcome to schedule a visit during the dogs stay with the breeder to see mom & puppies & the breeder will send updates on the dog to the family. For litters 3 & 4 the guardian will receive a $500 stipend as a thank you. Once she has had her 4 litters of puppies she will retire & be spayed and the guardian home will receive full ownership of the dog.  

Breeder will pay for the costs of: 

  • Purchase of dog 

  • Flight/Travel to Oregon 

  • Microchip & registration 

  • Breeding related vet care  

  • Breeding health testing costs 

  • All costs of pregnancy, birth & lactation care & supplements  

  • All vet care costs of pregnancy, birth & lactation. 

  • Any vet costs & food when dog is at breeders.  

  • Cost of spay if after 2+ litters  

  • Pay the guardian a $500 stipend for both of the last 2 litter of puppies.


Guardian covers the normal costs of a pet for example:

  • Dog’s food 

  • Dog's non breeding related vet care

  • Dogs monthly heartworm/flea preventative 

  • Boarding/pet sitting when needed for vacations etc (things that are not breeding related) 

  • Gas too & from breeders or vets when needed.  


I have Guardian Home opportunities coming up for adult girls. Below is info on girls looking for guardian homes!

• Pearl is looking for a guardian family starting around the 10th of May. She will only be doing one litter before retirement so guardianship would be about 9-14 months. Would do best in a laid back home preferably with another dog & with a yard to play in.

Due to the shorter terms of this guardianship the guardian would be responsible for spaying the girl when she retires. Message me if you would like more info on being a guardian for Pearl!

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